DC On TV: THE FLASH And GOTHAM Become Worth Watching - Movies In Focus
I had no interest in watching the new television version of DC’s The Flash, or the Batman prequel series (not featuring Batman), Gotham. That all changed a few days ago when the casting go pretty cool. First-up, it has been announced that John Wesley Shipp, the star of the great (but short-lived) ‘90s series, The Flash has joined the pilot (and potentially the show). Shipp’s portrayal of The Flash and his alter ego Barry Allen was spot-on in the show, which was inspired by Tim Burton’s Batman (it even had a Danny Elfman theme). It’s great to see him join this new incarnation which stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Like I said before, I had no interest in this before , but I’ll be tuning-in for the pilot – and potentially the show – if they don’t mess it up. It’s a spin-off from Arrow, a show which I’ve never caught, but if the quality is there – anything is possible. As someone with a life-long interest in Batman, I was seriously uninterested in the Gotham. Danny Canon (CSI, Judge Dredd) is calling the shots on the pilot of the show, which follows the citizens (and criminals) of Gotham [...]