Book Review: STAR TREK - COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS - Movies In Focus
J.J Abrams shocked many when he successfully re-energised the Star Trek franchise with 2009’s Star Trek. He opened up Trek to a whole new audience (and generation), helping it crack into the mainstream. Before Abram’s captained the Starship Enterprise to box office glory, the franchise was something of a niche, ironically seen as a poor cousin to George Lucas’ Star Wars. This is odd considering that Star Trek first aired on television a decade before Lucas unleashed the full-force of his Jedi might. The success of Star Trek led to the property having the opportunity to seek out new life and new marketing properties. It didn’t boldly go where no franchise had gone before, but it did lead to the successful prequel graphic novel, Star Trek Countdown. Now with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness comes a sequel to the prequel, Star Trek Countdown To Darkness. The book helps fill in the gap between Abrams’ 2009 adventure and his latest feature, with the climax of the book leading to the introduction of Benedict Cumbersnatch’s ‘John Harrison’. The story, written by Star Trek Into Darkness screenwriter Bob Orci along with Mike Johnson, follows Captain Kirk and the dependable Mr Spock [...]