Book Review: JOYLAND By Stephen King - Movies In Focus
Stephen King’s latest novel is an absolute pleasure to read. A breezy tale set in the summer of 1973; Joyland follows Devin Jones, a broken hearted student as he works at the titular North Carolina amusement park. The book takes elements from a cross section of King’s stories; it’s part coming-of-age tale, part-thriller, with an added touch of the supernatural and blends them together to deliver a well balanced novel that skips through its 283 pages. Devin is the stereotypical King character, the everyman (and a writer) who is easy to relate to, but the book is filled with many colourful supporting characters. The amusement park setting allows King to introduce characters like Madam Fortuna, the kooky resident fortune teller and Mr Easterbrook, the owner, who knows change is coming and that the old-style “carny” atmosphere will soon be making way for crass commercialisation. King is also able to let loose with ‘The Talk’, the old-style carnival lingo used by the park’s employees, and he appears to relish using it. A ghost story sits at the centre of Joyland, the murder-mystery of Linda Gray, a young woman who was murdered in park years before. Devin learns that her ghost still [...]