Gabriel Campisi’s The Independent Filmmaker’s Guide to Writing a Business Plan for Investors may not sound like the most exciting book to pick up – but, never judge a book by its cover. It’s a very informative and highly enjoyable read, not just for film students and aspiring filmmakers, but also for film fans in general. The primary aim for the book is to help independent filmmakers develop a business plan which they can show to investors. It details what is necessary, using examples of previous films (and those behind them), as well as hypothetical productions. This is interesting stuff – even for the casual reader. However, if you’re just starting out in the film industry (and you don’t have a business mind), then this text will be invaluable. Campisi’s writing style is light and breezy. It never gets bogged down in the details, a blessing for those who don’t have a head for numbers. It’s easy to read, giving the reader a step by step informal lesson in how to develop a business plan for investors. The book takes you through the development arena, discussing aspects such as investors, distribution and funding. However, the most eye opening was in [...]