Blu-ray Review: THE MUMMY Is Classic Hammer Horror - Movies In Focus
Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee lead the cast in Terence Fisher’s 1959 horror, The Mummy. It’s a classy and luscious looking film that uses Universal’s Mummy movies for inspiration, while giving it that unmistakeable Hammer feel. The action begins in Egypt as archaeologist John Banning (Cushing), along with his father Stephen (Felix Aylmer) and Joseph Whemple (Raymond Huntley) uncover the long lost tomb of Princess Ananka. Tomb guardian, Mehemet Bey (George Pastell) is infuriated at their sacrilege and uses the Scroll of Life to raise-up High Priest (and Ananka’s former lover ) Kharis (Lee) to seek revenge. Hammer films never broke the bank budget-wise, however they always managed to have impressive visuals. The Mummy is no exception. The Egyptian setting at the start of the film opens up the scope of things, adding an exotic feel. Things move into more familiar Hammer territory when the action moves back to England and Lee’s Mummy goes on a killing rampage. The Mummy isn’t scary by today’s standards, but it is atmospheric. In a way, The Mummy is a precursor to James Cameron’s Terminator – he can’t be reasoned with and he can’t be stopped. Lee adds a sense of character to his [...]