Blu-ray Review: Steven Spielberg Achieves Greatness With SCHINDLER’S LIST - Movies In Focus
In a career filled with extraordinary movies, Steven Spielberg’s crowning masterpiece is Schindler’s List. The 1993 film is a powerful piece of filmmaking, filled with richness and humanity. This is Spielberg working at the top of his game, taking the dramatic beats from his early, ‘popcorn movies’ and parlaying them into this three hour, gut-wrenching drama. The mastery on display here is even more fascinating when you take into account the fact that he shot Schindler’s List back-to-back with Jurassic Park, editing the Michael Crichton film while he was shooting the WWII drama. Schindler’s List scores exceptionally high in the performance stakes. Liam Neeson headlines the film with a quiet gravitas in his role as Oskar Schindler, the factory owner who sees a way of saving Jewish lives during the holocaust. Ben Kingsley delivers as Schindler’s right-hand-man Itzhak Stern and Ralph Fiennes is exceptional in the complex role of as Amon Göth, a concentration camp commandant. Fiennes could have been the moustache twirling villain of the piece but he gives the role of Göth many layers. As someone who is not a fan of Janusz KamiƄski’s bleachy hues, Schindler’s List is a visual treat. The black and white photography [...]