Blu-ray Review: SIMON KILLER Is Thought-Provoking And Stylish - Movies In Focus
Simon Killer is a thoroughly engaging character study from director Antonio Campos. It’s a deliberately paced piece – slow and dreamlike – but eminently watchable. Brady Corbet plays Simon, a young American in Paris, taking some time-out following the break-up with his long-term girlfriend. He befriends Victoria (Mati Diop), a young prostitute who wants to get enough money together in order to improve her way of life. As the pair’s unlikely friendship develops, we begin to see that the charismatic Simon may not have a firm grip on reality. First-up, I have to say that the thing I dislike most about Simon Killer is the title. It’s terrible and it ruins the film’s narrative momentum. You can’t have the word ‘killer’ in a title without giving your audience the expectation of killing. They’ll want it and wait for it and they’ll only be happy when they get it. Aside from that, Simon Killer is an excellent, thought-provoking dramatic-thriller. Brady Corbet turns in an impressive performance as Simon, the 20-something American student trying to pick-up the pieces of his broken life. Corbet’s in the tricky position of delivering a lead performance that has to make Simon sympathetic, while he must also [...]