Blu-ray Review: Nicolas Cage Dials It Back And Goes On The Run In THE HUMANITY BUREAU  - Movies In Focus
Everyone’s favourite gonzo actor, Nicolas Cage takes us into a dystopian futuristic wasteland in sci-fi thriller, The Humanity Bureau. Sidestepping a theatrical release, this Philip K. Dick style thriller sees Cage play a bureaucrat who goes on the run with a mother and son (Sarah Lind and Jakob Davies) to protect them from being shipped to ‘Eden’, a place which may well be paradise, but it’s likely an extermination camp which was built to keep the world’s population at a manageable level (Soylent Green, anyone?). Essentially a piece on how Donald Trump is going to mess-up the future (yes, really), Rob W. King’s film is a modestly budgeted affair which sees Cage offer-up a low-key performance. He never goes full-blown Cage, instead keeping things on a human level as a man who knows that doing what’s right and following orders are two very different things. There’s nothing flashy about The Humanity Level, – the visuals are solid without offering up anything memorable, however the story does throw in a few interesting twists and turns to make it unpredictable. Sure, the anti-Trump message is as subtle as a sledgehammer, but it’s probably the first film to throw blame for the end [...]