Blu-ray Review: Kurt Russell In John Carpenter’s BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA - Movies In Focus
John Carpenter ‘s Big Trouble In Little China is a unique beast filled with action, comedy, martial arts, special effects and Oriental mysticism. They all collide to form a wonderfully unique film which shows a director at the top of his game, with a firm understanding on how to handle the material. Kurt Russell is Jack Burton, the loud-mouthed all-American trucker who along with his friend Wang (Dennis Dun), becomes entangled in a mystical battle for good and evil in San Francisco’s ‘Little China’. The duo face-off against the ancient evil that is David Lo Pan (James Hong), a sorcerer who intends to sacrifice Wang’s green-eyed fiancée (Suzee Pai) in order to overcome a centuries old curse so that he can ‘become flesh’ again. Also along for the ride is Gracie Law (Kim Cattrall), a clueless investigative reporter, who smells a story in Jack and Wang’s adventure. I can’t recommend Big Trouble In Little China enough. The film is one hell of a cinematic ride that turns the conventions of the action genre on its head. Russell’s Jack Burton sees himself as the alpha-male, the hero who can handle every situation. He’s all swagger and one-liners, a modern day John [...]