Blu-ray Review: DIANA Plays Like A Fish Out Of Water Romantic Comedy - Movies In Focus
Diana is not as terrible as many would have you believe – but it’s still not a very good movie (to be fair, it is pretty bad). Oliver Hirschbiegel’s film purports to tell the true story behind the love affair between Princess Diana (Naomi Watts) and heart surgeon Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews). It’s a tonally confused piece that at times feels more like a fish out of water romantic comedy than a biopic with a tragic ending. It’s difficult to say who is to blame here. The performances are just too broad to be convincing as being based on real people, but they aren’t helped by Stephen Jeffrey’s screenplay (adapted from Kate Snell’s book Diana: Her last Love). Jeffrey has written some terrible dialogue – lines which I would quote in verbatim here, but it means i’d have to revisit the film. Maybe what he wrote reads well on the page, but it sure as hell doesn’t translate to the screen. There’s no doubt that Oliver Hirschbiegel can direct a good film – Downfall and Five Minutes Of Heaven attest to that. However, he seems to be very inconsistent. This is up there with Invasion as another terribly delivered film, [...]