Blu-ray Review: Chuck Norris And Lee Marvin Kick Ass In THE DELTA FORCE - Movies In Focus
In 1986 few would have guessed that The Delta Force would become an interesting historical document thirty years on – after all it is a Chuck Norris / Lee Marvin actioner from Cannon Films. However, it’s not just a piece of cinema history from the now legendary Cannon, but also a political piece that illustrates the peak of Regan-era America. Directed by Menahem Golan, The Delta Force tells the story of the hijacking of an American bound aeroplane from Athens by a ragtag group of Lebanese terrorists (led by Robert Forster). The plane is then diverted to Beirut, and that’s when the elite Delta Force come into play. Led by the crotchety Colonel Alexander (Lee Marvin in his final performance) and the always late man of honour McCoy (Chuck Norris) the terrorists don’t stand a chance. Cartoon to the extreme, The Delta Force plays like a Ronald Regan fever-dream from 1986. The politics is cut and dry, the action is ridiculous and the performances are broad. That’s not to say there isn’t anything to enjoy about Golan’s film – in fact it’s highly entertaining, playing like a violent big screen crossover of Mission: Impossible and The A-Team (the television series, [...]