Blu-ray Review: BLOOD TIES Is A Disappointing Crime Drama With A Great Billy Crudup Performance - Movies In Focus
Guillaume Canet’s Blood Ties should have been a real winner. Set in ‘70s New York, Canet goes for that Sidney Lumet vibe – a tough-talking cop drama with a great cast lead by Billy Crudup, Clive Owen, Marion Cotillard, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana and James Caan. Lumet would have let the gushing blood and tears swill into New York’s East River, however Canet doesn’t have a handle on the story and nearly everything about this comes across as flimsy and watered down. Crudup plays Frank, an upstanding cop, who takes his older ex-con brother Chris (Owen) under his wing so that he can get his life back in order. However, Chris is tempted back to a life of crime by the lure of money (going straight doesn’t pay half as well as being a criminal). Their ‘professional’ and personal lives intertwine as questions about love, honour and family all come into play. Blood Ties isn’t bad, it’s just monumentally frustrating. This could have been a film of real depth, but the script lacks drive and conviction. The bare bones are there on which to hang a great story about loyalty but this doesn’t have enough behind it to make the character [...]