Blu-Ray & DVD Review Round-Up: DUNKIRK, AMERICAN MADE, PULP, THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM & More - Movies In Focus
This time around: Christopher Nolan goes to war in Dunkirk; Tom Cruise is American Made, Michael Caine is involved in Pulp; Bill Nighy investigates The Limehouse Golem; Dustin Hoffman and Richard Madden are The Masters Of Florence and Rooney Mara is Una. Blu-ray Review: Dunkirk Christopher Nolan continues a flawless cinematic run with this WWII thriller. A swiss watch of a movie, Dunkirk is a well composed piece which will keep you on edge throughout its tight 107 minute running time. The cast deliver (Tom Hardy is particularly impressive considering his face is covered for the duration) but Hans Zimmer is the star of the show with yet another stunning musical score. This is a classically made epic which managed to discover an audience despite its artistic stylings. Recommended. Special Features Dunkirk comes with a 2-hour documentary which can be consumed as a whole or in tiny bite-sized chunks. Blu-ray Review: American Made Tom Cruise once again takes to the skies in American Made, Doug Liman’s energetic drama which charts the true life tale of pilot turned drug/gun runner, Barry Seal. Cruise again shows why he’s one of the greatest movie stars of all-time, anchoring the movie with dramatics and [...]