Blu-Ray & DVD Review Round-Up: BLADE RUNNER 2049, BRIMSTONE, FLATLINERS, JIGSAW & More - Movies In Focus
This time around: Blade Runner 2049 fails to replicate the replicant success of the original; Guy Pearce raises hell in gritty western Brimstone, Luke Goss knows it’s Your Move; Flatliners doesn’t have much of a heartbeat; there’s trouble in the woods with The Ballerina; a killer is on the loose in Strangled; Jean Claude Van Damme wants to Kill ‘Em All; Jigsaw is a cut about other Saw movies and Thelma is mind-bending Norwegian thriller. Blade Runner 2049 Denis Villeneuve makes a valiant attempt at following-up Ridley Scott’s iconic Blade Runner. Ryan Gosling is K, a Blade Runne whose investigation leads him to Harrison Ford’s in-exile Deckard. The film holds some good visuals and a few good moments, but it’s about 40 minutes too long. Special Features This single disc blu-ray comes with about 30 minutes of detailed extras. I imagine this will be ripe for a double-dip in years to come. Read a more detailed Review of Blade Runner 2049 here Brimstone Writer-director Martin Koolhoven delivers a dark and macabre western in the shape of Brimstone. Divided into four sections (Revelation, Exodus, Genesis and Retribution), the film flips chronology to unveil different layers to the story. Dakota Fanning plays the [...]