Bad Day At The Office: Dangerous Jobs On Film - Movies In Focus
Despite what everyone says, being an actor is hard work. You have to be on set for hours on end, day and night, constantly in the media spotlight, and often do crazy stunts for the purpose of authenticity. But no matter how hard that is, it doesn’t compare to some of the jobs that they must re-create on the big screen. Deepwater Horizon, for example, is a true life story that records the oil-rig disaster off the Gulf of Mexico, in which Mark Wahlberg plays the extremely brave and courageous Mike Williams, who must save as many workers on board as possible amongst the fire. And although this is a very rare occurrence onboard a rig, it does demonstrate the worst case scenario for a job such as that, as the below films do also. To celebrate the release of one of the most powerful and breath-taking disaster movies in recent memory on DVD & Blu-ray on January 30th, we take a look at some of the world’s most dangerous jobs that have been depicted on the big screen. Armageddon (1998) Having worked on an oil rig in the past and gaining a reputation as the ‘best drillers in the [...]