Back To The '80s: LIFE AFTER THE NAVIGATOR Teaser - Movies In Focus
Life After Flash is an exceptional documentary from director Lisa Downs which charts the rise, fall and ultimate resurgence of Sam J. Jones, the star of the ’80s cult adventure Flash Gordon. Downs’ film is a beautifully crafted (and rather emotional) piece which looks at how Jones dealt with his sudden rise to fame, how things went off the rails and then how he was able to parlay his role in Ted into a comeback. Now Lisa Downs is turning her attention to another beloved ’80s film – Randal Kleiser’s Flight Of The Navigator. This time around Downs turns her camera on Joey Cramer, the troubled former child star of the 1986 Disney film. Check out the below teaser for Life After The Navigator which is currently in production. Keep reading Movies In Focus for more onvLife After The Navigator