Moving Tips: Hiring A Mover Can Save You Money |
Why to Hire a Packing and Moving Company Hiring professional movers may seem like an extravagant expense, particularly if you're cash-strapped and you have young, strong friends who can help you. But the "DIY approach" to moving can be surprisingly problematic. Here are a few things to consider: Broken "stuff." Professional movers know how to transport delicate, costly stuff, like TVs, furniture, mirrors, and other breakables. If your friend accidentally drops your plasma TV, all of a sudden the "DIY" move will be far more expensive than the "hire professionals" move. You could hurt yourself. A sprained ankle or wrenched lower back is no laughing matter. In addition to the excruciating pain, such an injury could prevent you from going to work (and thus earning money), and it could lead to long term, annoying medical costs. The risk of such a disaster may be low, but it is non-zero. If something really bad occurs, the results could be catastrophic for your finances. Value of your time