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LEAH MOORE & JOHN REPPION are a husband and wife writing team based in Liverpool, UK. Scripting comics together since 2003 the duo have written for the likes of 2000 AD, Channel 4 Education, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Electricomics, IDW, and Self Made Hero. They have written established characters such as Doctor Who (The Whispering Gallery, 2008 with Ben Templesmith) and Sherlock Holmes (The Trial of Sherlock Holmes, 2009 with Aaron Campbell, The Liverpool Demon, 2012 with Matt Triano, and The Vanishing Man, 2018 with Julius Ohta), as well as creating their own including Brit-Cit Psi Division, Judge Lillian Storm (Storm Warning, 2015/2018 with Tom Foster). Together they have faithfully adapted notable works by Lewis Carroll (The Complete Alice, 2010), H. P. Lovecraft (The Shadow Over Innsmouth, 2012), Bram Stoker (The Complete Dracula, 2009), and M. R. James (Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Vol 1 & 2, 2016/2017) into comics and graphic novels. Moore & Reppion were consulting writers for some of the mysteries featured in Frogwares Games multi platform adventure Sherlock Holmes - Crimes & Punishments, 2014. SOCIAL MEDIA LATEST BOOKS FROM MOORE & REPPION BUY SIGNED AND DIRECT VIA SAMPLES The Complete Alice in Wonderland #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) Damsels #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) The Trial of Sherlock Holmes #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)