IPZ Combat Sports Director Oleg Savitsky opens up on the importance of branding
Now that we have Conor McGregor, it's easy to forget how reluctant many fighters were - and still are - to embrace the importance of branding. Conor's fearless combination of Irish steak and sizzle skyrocketed him not only to the top of the UFC, he quickly transcended combat sports with his formidable skills, charismatic personality, and business smarts. It's something that former USA National Combat Sambo coach Oleg 'Alec' Savitsky appreciates. Born in the Republic of Georgia, Savtisky will be 46 years old in 2018. He became a U.S. citizen in 1997 and is a three-time world championship medal winner, with a nine-year career in Combat Sambo and MMA (2000-2009). Known to friends as 'Alec,' Savitsky successfully made the transition