Exclusive: Sharon Collier on Edouard 'Papa Spyk' Gheur's passing
Edouard 'Papa Spyk' Gheur's life story continues to impact whomever it encounters. No one knows this better perhaps, than his girlfriend Sharon Collier. We decided to get her perspective on Gheur's passing. MMA Crossfire Vault: 'His life was his daughter:' Edouard 'Papa Spyk' Gheur, dead at 53 Collier agreed to speak with MMA Crossfire's Kenai Andrews Friday afternoon Toronto time to share her thoughts. The following is an edited conversation. A further note that Collier had not been contacted by any media at the time of contact. MMA Crossfire: How long have you known Spyk? Sharon Collier: One year. MMA Crossfire: And so you've been his girlfriend for the whole year. Sharon Collier: Yes. We broke up for a short time recently,