The Easiest Blueberry Pie You Will Ever Make
Apart from shopping and all things fashion, another love of mine is baking. I don’t do it too often because I usually try to steer away from eating copious amounts of butter and sugar on account of the fact that I have no self control around them. Aside from that little issue, I don’t get around to baking all that often because I just don’t have time! However, since July is National Blueberry month, I thought I’d dust off one of my favorite pie recipes and share it with you. I usually make this pie for 4th of July, and it is always a hit. Not only is this pie delicious, it is really quick and easy to make. Here’s how its done: 1. Grab a big mixing bowl and an electric mixer. If you don’t have that, its fine, grab a wire whisk and get ready to get a little arm workout in. 😉 Preheat your oven to 400 degrees so it’s warming up while you make the filling. 2. Next, take an 8oz container of sour cream and pour it into the bowl. If you bought a bigger sour cream container than 8oz, don’t fret, 8oz= 1 cup. […]