Star Trek TNG: S2 – Elementary, Dear Data | Mind The Ink
(part of the Season Two Episode Guide) Recap: Data is too good at solving Sherlock-esque mysteries, so Geordi makes a wish on a holodeck star and almost kills everyone. Memory Hole: Moriarty calling the arch was a genuine surprise. Along with the wonderfully sexist "Mister Computer" when he talks to the ship (that speaks back in a female voice, but whatever). The Quote: Why would you even suggest that?! After Geordi suggests using a particle beam to destroy Moriarty and all the human flesh in the holodeck too (which includes the new doctor). Wife's Favorite Moment: Moriarty's request to keep existing. Wife's Verdict: "I hope I'm not just a hologram traveling on someone else's spaceship." What's this About? The definition of life. It's no coincidence that Data is the lead in this mystery. Himself struggling with the meaning of life and sentience. A theme we'll encounter again later this season. And let's not forget that this starts the "you have to tell the computer exactly what you