Star Trek TNG: S1 – The Neutral Zone | Mind The Ink
Recap: Data saves some human relics of the 20th century while the Enterprise plays hide & seek with a Romulan ship. Memory Hole: Nobody gives a damn about the capsule except for Data. It ends up having three humans on board, but the rest of the crew treats it like a big inconvenience. Also, their story has nothing to do with the Romulans (the supposed A storyline). It's like they had two half storylines and said "Fuck it. The 20th century dude can spin some wisdom at a key moment. Makes total sense." The Quote: She's a fucking necromancer. -Fiancé about Doctor Crusher's ability to bring the 3 capsule jockeys back to life. Fiancé's Favorite Moment: Beverly's casual miracle of bringing three people cryogenically frozen for 350 years back to life. NBD. Fiancé's Verdict: The lesson from the B story: The focus of life is to improve one self, not collect wealth.