Star Trek TNG: S1 – The Naked Now | Mind The Ink
Recap: The Enterprise crew gets hammered and behaves like what a 14 year old thinks being drunk is. Memory Hole: Geordi doesn't want to give into the "wild things" that are popping into his head. I don't remember him being a sexual creature at all, so this surprised me. Also, how the hell is Riker immune for almost the entire episode? Does he have a base layer of bourbon and horniness at all times? The Quote: What the fuck was that noise? I still can't believe it. A close second is how he says "Beverly" when he enters the sick bay later. A distant third is how, each time someone was infected, there was a harp-like sound effect. Fiancé's Favorite Moment: Tasha's outfit and putting the moves on a fully functional Data. Fiancé's Verdict: "Silly."