Star Trek TNG: S1 – Encounter at Farpoint | Mind The Ink
Recap: Q, an all powerful being with the hubris of a trust fund real estate magnate, puts the crew (and humanity) on trial. They just have to solve a puzzle to prove they're not the same murderous maniacs they were in the 21st century. Memory Hole: I could have sworn they get to Farpoint in the start of this episode. Nope. Q taunts them for half an hour before we even see the station. All of these actors are still figuring out their characters, so I can forgive some of the overacting on display. The Quote: Nice sweater. With a close 2nd being "He just asked to fuck right now, right?" The fiancé wasn't buying Riker's innocent intentions when he asked Beverly "for a stroll". Everything surrounding Riker in this episode is dripping with innuendo. From Troi's looks of longing (with awkwardly soaring music), to an officer staring at his ass after helping him find the holodeck, it's bonetown for number one. Fiancé's Favorite Moment: Q and his transformations. A playful and creative