Free plastic water bottle top-ups with "Refill London"
According to statistics on the website, Londoners guzzle more mineral water from disposable plastic bottles than anywhere else in the country. On average, each of us buys more than three single-use plastic bottles of water every week and, whilst this may not sound much, it equates to around a BILLION bottles every year; and that's just London alone. It's no secret that we're slowly poisoning our oceans with harmful plastic waste, and the River Thames hasn't escaped our bad habits either. Around 10% of all litter that's retrieved from the Thames is made up of plastic bottles, and half of those are used water bottles. Save money and refill instead The Mayor of London's website details a couple of really great schemes that are now underway to help tackle this dire problem - and they'll both save you a fair bit of money too - Now that's what we call a win-win! The first initiative will see the introduction of more free drinking water fountains springing up around London