Patriotism On Republic Day #AtoZChallenge - Me Otherwise
Spread the love Patriotism is not just the proud feeling for your country. Patriotism is not just supporting your country in cricket. Patriotism is not just about, a day. It is all this and much more. When the feeling of patriotism encompasses you, you realize it is also all about doing your bit in your day to day living for the land you belong to, for the country that gave you your identity. That’s my take. Lucky was I last year, to witness the 66th Republic Day parade. “A” managed to get some passes for the parade. My initial reaction was, “Do I really need to attend?” I mean, of course it’s a lovely affair and there would be a VVIP chief guest too. But I could still watch it from the comforts of my home feeling all warm and sipping coffee. But “A” convinced me saying not always do you get VIP passes. You shouldn’t really give this a miss. So braving the cold windy weather, I was all up and ready on 26th morning to witness the parade. My first reaction when I reached Rajpath on 26th was- “Oh My God”. Is this the same Rajpath, we have driven by umpteen number of times? A beautiful sight indeed welcomed me. Ah… so it looks like I am going to like this. I soon realized there was more in store for me that day. The parade was lovely, and words aren’t really enough to describe the color and splendor. It was wonderful to see this “live”. Definitely the television fails to capture all the beauty around. The marching contingents, dances and tableaus sure left me spell bound. Aircrafts MIG29s, Sukhois, whizzed over my head. Being there and seeing it all on 26th Jan, I actually felt the fragrance of patriotism. It was all around me. And I felt good and refreshed. I am now glad I attended the event, instead of being lazy in front of the television. Spread the love