An Evening with a Boring Book - Me Otherwise
Spread the love 226 226SharesIt was 4 pm and the heat of the afternoon sun had magically transformed into a gentle yet, cool breeze. The kids had been packed off for the weekend to a friend’s place, which meant a couple of golden hours, all to myself. Sitting in my verandah with a book in hand, and a cup of coffee, it seemed to be the best way to enjoy the bonus time, reading and watching the setting sun go down. But, I was in for one big disappointment. I sat reading “The Obsession by Nora Roberts”. And boy, my patience was surely tested. The Obsession in brief The book narrates the story of Naomi Bowes. At 12 years of age, she follows her father one night into the woods, to discover that he is a serial killer. Naomi ends up saving a young woman from his clutches and also plays witness, sending her father to jail for life. Despite her good deed, the trauma of having seen it all begins to haunt her. The world just doesn’t seem to let her rest in peace either. Her story becomes a slice of meat for the media and the tag of being a monster’s daughter stays for long. From moving homes to changing her surname Naomi does it all. She grows up into a fine lady, an aspiring photographer in the making and, moves far away to Sunrise Cove. However nearly twenty years after the incident, yet again a serial killer is back. A stalker he seems to be, collecting victims until he tries to get to her. The book begins on a good suspense mode. However as it progresses, the plot fails to thicken, and begins to fall downhill. Unevenly scattered facts fail to hold the suspense within. There are needless descriptions and characters that don’t seem to fit into the wide frame of things. Not only does this slow the pace, but they also make the final suspense element fall flat. In fact, the ending was way too predictable, sans any twists. I can seldom call this a suspense novel. I was bored to the core, yet I continued reading it till the end (ok I did skip a whole lot of pages in between) Confession time It isn’t uncommon to encounter books with endless narrations; descriptions beyond ones comprehension, poorly dealt with plots and badly edited content. Such books could be quite an agony and can bore you to the core, forcing you to abandon them midway. Despite a part of me wanting to abandon this book somewhere midway, I decided to continue with it. Now why would I do that? I am a completist of a sort, when it comes to books. There has been many an occasion when I have pushed myself to finish even the most mind-numbing books, albeit with pages being skipped. This is primarily because, having invested money on a book, I find it wasteful to toss it over, without giving it a chance to prove itself completely. There is always the hope that the book may turn out just fine as it makes its way towards the end. Lessons from my evening with a boring book A boring book is a relative term. For, what appeals to one may not appeal to another. Which also means every book in this world will have a reader somewhere! A boring book in hand could spoil the mood of the evening. I had to lay my hands on the stock of red wine at home to digest the boredom created by The Obsession. A boring book is a perfect way to look engrossed, yet let your mind wander away. While reading The Obsession my attention constantly kept wavering off, and I dreamt of interesting things. The whole experience of reading could be considered as enjoyable only if you are engrossed in it. What do you do when a book doesn’t emotionally or intellectually stimulate you? Spread the love 226 226Shares