Do You Have a Moment to Spare in Life? - Me Otherwise
Spread the love Not a moment to spare. We humans lead one of the busiest lives. This is true, despite the fact that things are easily available these days. Your photographs are instant, and are there in front of you immediately after you click them. You could order a meal with a swipe and click on your smart phone. Your bank is at your doorstep, and you could also book movie tickets in a jiffy, without having to stand in long queues. Everything is available at a swish, swash or click of your fingers. Yet, if there’s one thing we all don’t have with us these days, it is “Time”. We have no moment to spare, to breathe, to relax or simply just enjoy the world around us. What an irony!! It makes me wonder, when things have actually become all so easy for us, why is it that we still can’t find time? I distinctly remember the days of the 80’s, when mobiles were nowhere in the picture. Making a call to a loved one in another city meant booking a trunk call. We used to wait for an hour or so till the operator made that precious connection. Speaking at the top of our voices, and to our hearts content, that one conversation would make our day. It would leave behind a single smile for a long time. In today’s world of what’s app, emails, Facebook, Twitter and numerous other ways to keep in touch, we still are trying to find time to call that dear friend home. So caught up are we in our busy lives that we have forgotten to unwind ourselves with our loved ones. I personally feel we create our own time, and somewhere we have just stopped doing so. May be if we stopped, and just looked around us, life would be easier and time aplenty. Image Source: pixabay Spread the love