Life has its own way of giving you one tight slap!!! - Me Otherwise
Spread the love Life has its own unique and strange ways. And many a times it acts as a leveler. An important lesson I have learnt in all these years is that “LIfe sure has its own way of giving you one tight slap. A certain Mr K I know, often harped about having a grandson. He was very confident about his son producing one as it was of utmost importance 1) to continue the family name and 2) to do the last rites of his son, when the situation occurs. I of course found this ridiculous. Nevertheless, I kept nodding my head when these conversations go on in front of me. So confident was he of having a grandson that in his arrogance he spoke ill of those couples blessed with daughters. And guess what…. his son was blessed with two daughters. Of course the two angels are simply adorable and his son and daughter in law are in 7th heaven. Poor Mr. K could only sulk!!!! Listen to the next one.. a certain Mrs A was a very proud mother. A toughie and arrogant lady, she was sure nothing could go wrong in hers and her sons lives. When she would hear of other people having issues with health, family or finances, her arrogant comment would be,” oh they are the sinned souls, so let them suffer”. In the years to follow, a son of hers lost all his hard-earned money, along with being in heavy debt. Another son was diagnosed with a dreadful disease that almost wiped his savings. Mrs. A unable to bear her sons suffering succumb to cancer herself. The point I am trying to make here is that each and every one of us in life have issues or problems. In a phase when things are fine for us, it doesn’t really mean we look down upon these in misery , because tomorrow we may be in a similar situation. So let the arrogance go. Being humble is important. Place yourself at the same place as others, not above them. Spread the love