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Spread the love 3 3Shares“Where is the sticky stuff we make rotis with?” There was a moment of silence. Vijay put his arm around me gently. “I know you haven’t cooked before. But please tell me you know that atta doesn’t come readymade in the form you use for rotis?” I had a hearty laugh as I read these lines. I was on a 15 hour train journey from Delhi to Jaisalmer. The temperatures have dropped to single digits in most parts of North India. And here I was cuddled in a grey pungent smelling blanket provided in the 3AC coach of the train. I was nevertheless glad. I didn’t have over-bearing talktive co-passengers, which meant, it was just me, myself and a book. I was with the book “Just Married Please Excuse” by Yashodhara Lal. Yashodhara, a quick-tempered gal from the big city, is hitched to Vijay, a laidback desi boy from a small town in one word, trouble! The young couple must learn to adjust to married life and to each other whether it is Yashodhara s temper tantrums or Vijay s foot-in-mouth syndrome with a little help from their idiosyncratic staff Zarreena and Vinod, their nutty friend Vivi and, of course, their respective families. With the unexpected arrival of baby Anoushka a.k.a Peanut, the battles escalate, fueled by their vastly divergent views on raising a child. Will their many differences so endearing at the start of their romance actually turn out to mean that they are just incompatible? I completed the book in practically one sitting, with a couple of loo breaks of course in the smelly train toilets. What I liked best about the book was Yashodhara’s ability to narrate issues on marriage and parenthood in a quirky and humorous fashion. The narration was simple- well way too simple, that for a moment I thought I was reading a high school essay. But the book has managed to bring out certain facts of marriage and the initial years of adjustment most couples go through. I liked the portrayal of everyday people such as Vivi her friend, Zarreena the domestic help and Vinod their car driver. But despite it being a light read, the plot had something amiss- I call it the soul of the book. For me it was a very plain book with a collection of mildly amusing anecdotes. The writing is shallow; you could easily skip through a couple of pages, which seemed irrelevant to the context. Not a recommendation for avid readers who are looking for some serious literature. If you want a no- brainer or light read to make you chuckle to yourself, you could well pick this up. My Rating: Book cover appeal: 3/5 Story & narration: 2/5 Fun Element: 3.5/5 Overall reading experience 3/5 Get the book on Paperback: 276 pages Publisher: Harper India (1 July 2012) About the Author Yashodhara Lal graduated from IIM-Bangalore in 2002 and has over a decade of experience in the corporate world, across the FMCG and media industries. She lives in Gurgaon with her husband Vijay and the three children who they refer to as Peanut, Pickle and Papad. Yashodhara began her journey in writing with her blog, described as a serious attempt to take life less seriously, Just Married, Please Excuse is her first book. Spread the love 3 3Shares