Jefferey Archer's Florentyna from Kane and Abel Series #AtoZChallenge - Me Otherwise
Spread the love 1 1Share“Congratulations, Mr. Rosnovski. You have a beautiful girl, said the obstetrician. The multimillionaire chairman of Baron Group of Hotels, Mr. Abel Rosnovski frowned. But he quietly went with the doctor and peered through the observation window. He saw his baby among the row of tiny faces. Her little fingers were curled into a tight fist. Abel smiled, proudly. He had read somewhere that a child was not expected to do that for at least 3 weeks.” — Jeffrey Archer (Kane and Abel) This is Jeffery Archer’s Florentyna Rosnovski! When Archer wrote about Florentyna, it was in an era, when the world quite didn’t have as many powerful women as leaders. From her birth in Kane and Abel, followed by the Prodigal Daughter, and Shall We Tell the President (the sequels to Kane and Abel); Archers Florentyna is a woman who is spirited in every way, successful and a go getter. She may be the angry woman to many or the determined one too. When I look at Florentyna Rosnovski, it’s her ability to give her 100%, which left a lasting impression. From successfully building her own fashion store “Florentyna’s”, to becoming the chairman of the Baron Group after her father’s death, she fights out all battles including sexual abuse. She keeps going on, in a male dominated spectrum to finally emerge victorious at politics, becoming a member of the House, later a Senator, and then the President of America. A powerful woman character I have always loved and admired, Florentyna stood out in the Prodigal Daughter and Shall We Tell the President! The story moves delightfully from one page to the next with unexpected twists and turns. This post is a part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge where I write about twenty six women characters from books, who have left an impact on me. You can read the previous posts here- Women in Books The book is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format. Spread the love 1 1Share