Do you Constantly Make Comparisons? - Me Otherwise
Spread the love “Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.” – Marquis de Condorcet We do it all the time. Comparing is second nature to almost each one of us. This particular human quality of making comparisons is omnipresent in our lives. And in today’s digital era, we have taken to relentlessly compare on social media too. From our looks, clothes, to what we own and our status, it is almost always that we need more. Our life never seems complete Almost every day we seek something more. From a bigger house, a better car, a child that aces all her subjects in school, or a holiday at an exotic destination, there is never an end to it. But when we actually sit back and think, do these comparisons lead us anywhere? Isn’t it better we re-evaluate ourselves, before we start looking at another’s life and sense it to be better? Can we do something? Of course we can. If you find yourself constantly drawing comparisons, here’s what you must do. Be Aware. What people project may not be the absolute truth, especially on social media. So before you start to draw comparisons, be conscious and focus on your own life. Take a breath. If you find yourself constantly making comparison, stop and take a breath. Do not berate yourself. Just acknowledge what another person has, and move on. Acknowledge your blessings. The right attitude would be to look into what life has given you, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Accept your drawbacks. And as important as it is to acknowledge your blessings, it is equally important to accept imperfections or drawbacks you have in life. Nobody has that perfect life, and the wise thing to do is accept it. It would make you feel far more positive. Don’t let criticism take over. The worst form of comparison is to indulge in criticisms. It’s common to criticize or talk ill of the other person we are comparing ourselves with, to make ourselves feel better. Don’t! You are just creating more negativity within yourself. And finally learn to love more. Love what you have- the things, the people and the life. Want is an endless cycle and it will never lead to happiness. Try finding contentment in your surroundings and what you have been given by life. Spread the love