Book Review: The Woman in The Window by AJ Finn - Me Otherwise
Spread the love 228 228SharesI am drawn to psycho-thrillers, the likes of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. A recent book that had me hooked was The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn. A debut novel by the author, yet this book scores on almost all fronts. I loved the narration, the story, and most importantly the brilliance in the execution of the suspense. Anna Fox at the window Anna, psychologist by profession, lives alone. Ten months since she left home, and in a new neighborhood, her days are spent in loneliness, watching old movies, drinking wine, counseling patients through an online portal. She suffers from agoraphobia (the fear of open spaces), thus restricts herself to the four walls of her home. Her window to the world is the real window of her home. Every day Anna stands by the window, watching the world go by. She knows her neighbors-their daily routine, what they do and where they go. Soon the Russell’s move in across the street and Anna from the very beginning is drawn to them. It all seems so perfect, until the evening when she hears it- a scream that gives her the shiver down the spine. She sees it all, witnesses something that’s surely not to be seen. There are secrets she isn’t supposed to know… “You can hear someone’s secrets and their fears and their wants, but remember that these exist alongside other people’s secrets and fears, people living in the same room.” From false clues, to false leads, the book traces a path that keeps you guessing. What is the real thing? Or has she been hallucinating? When all seems wrong, Anna Fox struggles to understand, trying to make things go right. Nothing short of a page turner There are twists and turns, and those moments when you are really sure, of the culprit. Yet, at the end of it you realize the story has an all-together differing offering for you. For a debut novel, I must say AJ Finn has delivered a fairly good read. The book does keep you hooked and, well, sort of addicted too, ‘cause you surely want to keep reading it till that last page. Give yourself a little time, and pick up this engaging novel; you wouldn’t regret it! It is immersive and would totally pull you into it. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format. Disclaimer: This blog post contains an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission, if you click through and make a purchase Spread the love 228 228Shares