Private Delhi By Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson - Me Otherwise
Spread the love 2 2SharesThe former CIA agent Jack Morgan runs an investigation agency called “Private”. With branches around the globe, the agency, investigates intriguing cases, with utmost discretion. They possess an incredible team of investigators, and boast of the latest technology and forensics to crack cases and get to the perpetrators. Continuing in this series is Private Delhi, by the popular crime fiction writer James Patterson, in collaboration with Ashwin Sanghi. “Plastic barrels containing dissolved human remains have been found in the basement of a house. But this isn’t just any house; this property belongs to the state government. With information suppressed by the authorities, delving too deep could make Santosh a target to be eliminated…” – From Private Delhi There are a series of gruesome murders, brutal in every extent, in the capital city Delhi. As bodies pile up, the head honcho of “Private” in Delhi, Santosh Wagh is called in to investigate. Clearly for Santosh it is evident that there is a master serial killer at work. As Santosh and his team get cracking and open up the Pandora’s Box of clues, tumbling out are secrets, of some high profile individuals in society. These could implicate some of the highest members of the government- the Lieutenant General of the State or even the Chief Minister. How is the team going to crack the case, as the brutal murders continue to happen, along with the discovery of illegal organ harvesting? A fact paced thriller, Private Delhi boasts of a plot with murder, corruption and kidnapping. What’s good? The book is set in Delhi, and I loved the narration as it brings out the raw element and flavor of the city that it is. Vivid descriptions of the place, the people around, the narrow alleys and life in Old Delhi, the cacophony of traffic and the crowds around have been captured well. Move along with Santosh and his team as they try to collect their clues and solve the mystery, roaming across the streets of the National Capital. The first half of the book keeps you hooked, with well etched characters and incidents. The twists in the plot, does make it a page turner. Disappointments The storytelling slackens at places. The latter half of the book turns out to be quite a disappointment as the frenzy in investigation slowly starts to frizzle out. Portions are really long drawn making the book a not so compelling read. The plot isn’t something new either. Organ harvesting, murder and child abductions have all been written about in abundance before. It seemed a more or less tried and tested formula of crime fiction, not something new. Must you pick it up? Despite all the cliché’s, there are some neat bits here and there. I would consider it a decent one time read. A quick thriller where you wouldn’t have to apply too much of your brains!!! Other details: Paperback: 480 pages Publisher: Random House (4 January 2017) Language: English Spread the love 2 2Shares