Back From a Break... Back With a Bang - Me Otherwise
Spread the love 0 So it was a week-long break for me and the kids… A week cut off from the world of the internet, social media and blogging. How hooked we are to this virtual world. I have spent the entire morning clearing emails, replying to comments on my blogs, tweeting and scrolling through Facebook. Phew!!! A good two hours gone by!! And it was just a week of absence. The first few days of this holiday, made me feel jittery. I havent blogged, I hadn’t replied to mails. As the week slowly progressed, I kind off got used to it. I actually didnt really seem to miss anything… until this morning. S back i am at my desk. A lovely spring morning in Delhi. My gardens full a bloom with the most beautiful Dalias. My minds fresh with ideas. I so look forward to the next few weeks of my life. … Linking with Spread the love 0