And death was what was given to him - Me Otherwise
Spread the love His eyes were still, but his thoughts seemed to be drifting away- to his home, to his family. Everything around seemed so blur. He knew death was around the corner. He sensed it. He knew he was innocent. All that he was doing was a duty that was bestowed upon him by his superiors. He did though share a common interest with them- of safeguarding his people, of protecting his land. But the perpetrators of his death, found him guilty-of attacking them. And death was what was given to him. In the wee hours of the day, he breathed his last. His family would only see his body. For them their loved one is no more. I am not talking about “Yakub Memon” (the man convicted of financing the deadly 1993 Mumbai bombings) here. This is Sepoy Rachpal Singh an Army Jawan of 22-Sikh unit. Guarding the forward Parvinder post along the LOC on Wednesday night, Singh was killed in a sniper attack by troops from across the border. He was critically injured and he later succumbed to his injuries and breathed his last in the early hours of the day. I awakened this morning to hear the news of Yakub Memon’s death. Convicted in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case, he was held guilty of criminal conspiracy, arranging money for buying vehicles used by the bombers and organizing air tickets to Dubai. Practically every news channel splashed details about his execution that was conducted early this morning. And amidst Yakub’s execution news, I found one small ticker in the corner of my television that reported the news of an Army Jawan’s death. There was no mention of his name. Who was he? I wondered. Here is a man who has been convicted of terror attack and his name appears in full scale across channels. On the other hand is a young Sepoy shot at in the darkness of the night when he was guarding his post on the LOC. He was just doing his duty, keeping unwanted people at bay, preventing another attack on the country, probably another terror attack. His name sure does deserve a mention. Salute to you Sepoy Rachpal Singh. Further Read Parenting alone, a Fauji wife’s saga I do wear his stripes Life in a dozen odd boxes Spread the love