A Change- It need not be big... - Me Otherwise
Spread the love 1 1ShareIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.” A very common thought process among many on diagnosis of cancer is that it is the end. The future may often seem bleak and concerns about loved ones crop up in mind increasing the anxiety.A very normal and common phenomenon of the mind, cancer diagnosis does affect ones mind. But still… all I have to say is that.. Chin up look ahead… You are a fighter. Dad was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in March 2010. At that time he wasnt really given much time to live. The prognosis was poor with mets to more than 2 lobes of the liver. He was said it would probably be just another 3-4 months for him. Of course this news came to all of us as a great shocker. The first question we asked was why him? He was healthy, no signs of any ailment, didnt smoke.. Yet it happened to him.. Slowly over the days, we got going and made up our mind to fight it out, whatever came by. The treatments did come as a harsh shock. Dad used to be depressed. I distinctly remember the days I used to cheer him up and counsel him over phone, pushing him to fight it out. And he did for 5 years.!!!! Somewhere I strongly believe cancer is a game of the mind. Positive thinking has a certain role to play. Positive thinking probably is the key even to prevent it. When I started this blog I aimed at providing information for all those who have loved ones suffering from the disease. Of course I still aim to provide as much as I can to help those who require it. But I now extend my writing so that it serves as an inspiration. A blog of hope and positive thinking to reduce the mental burden of the disease. A small step to bring about a change within all. Spread the love 1 1Share