Past programme | The Medico-Legal Society
Below is the past programme of the Society. Event Evidence, the Law and the Medical Profession Date 10 November 2005 Speaker Lord Dick Taverne Author, "The March of Unreason - Science, Democracy and the New Fundamentalism." Lord Taverne discussed the evidence-based approach as applied by scientists, lawyers, the media and the public, and covered, inter alia, the grant of legal aid to parents of autistic children, the Sir Roy Meadow case, the medical profession, homoeopathy, alternative medicine and the BMA, and genetically modified crops. He argued that lawyers and the medical profession do not always approach evidence as scientists do. Event Caller on the line: An illustrated introduction to the work of a forensic speech scientist. Date 08 December 2005 Speaker Dr Peter French Forensic Speech Scientist Dr French provided an overview of the various aspects of forensic speech science, including speaker profiling, speaker identification and disputed