Food History: Bertlyn's Travels - The Castle
Monday, September 30th 6pm Dr. Bertlyn Bosley led a fascinating life. She traversed the globe as one of the first high-ranking female nutritionists. Her groundbreaking career took her to Central and South America, the Caribbean, Native American reservations, and beyond, teaching the benefits and practices of healthy eating to children of different cultures. In retirement, she joined her brother Stewart in their hometown of Marietta to save a historic landmark, The Castle. Join us for a multi-course meal exploring the international cuisine of Bertlyn’s travels accompanied by presentations highlighting Bertlyn’s life, career, and the food of the countries she visited. Included will be a small exhibit of Bertlyn’s souvenirs from her travels. The menu reflects Bertlyn’s many travels to Central and South America, including her last official trip to the Caribbean. The format for this meal will be six “antichuchos” or tapas style courses introducing a plethora of enjoyable international tastes. First Course Pandebono ~ Traditional Columbian cheese bread Second Course Causa ~ Traditional Peruvian layered dish with cold mashed potatoes and tuna Third Course Ensalada Verde ~ Traditional Ecuadorian fresh lime salad with feta and avocados Fourth Course Sancocho ~ The national dish of Panama! Hearty chicken stew with multiple vegetables Fifth Course Carne en Palito ~ Traditional Ecuadorian beef skewers with cumin and chile rub Sixth Course Arroz Con Leche de Coco Con Mango ~ Traditional Caribbean coconut rice pudding with mango $40/Nonmembers $36/Castle Members (Use Code “castlemember” at check out) Have a group of 6 or more? Call about our group rate. Christ United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall 301 Wooster St., Marietta, OH.