Saturday Tutoring Program - Lyndhurst Community Presbyterian Church
Providing free tutoring services for students in grades 1-6 from school districts in the Hillcrest area.To register or if you have questions, please call 440-442-2331. Tutoring Sessions Since 2008, Lyndhurst Community Presbyterian Church (LCPC) has sponsored a FREE Saturday morning tutoring program for students in grades 1-6 in all subject areas. Our program runs from late September through April for a total of 21 Saturdays. Tutoring sessions are from 10 a.m. to noon. Tutors Our tutors are caring individuals who want to help students succeed. They have diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and range in age from high school to senior citizens. A tutor works with 1 student. Training and materials are provided. Interested in tutoring? Please contact the LCPC office at 440-442-2331. Students Help is provided in basic math, reading, and writing. Homework is a priority.