UNIQUE is a reusable menstrual disc in three sizes and with a silicone string incorporated to its rim. UNIQUE has a soft, flexible and completely round rim designed to fit perfectly into the round walls in the vaginal canal without leaving any leakage point. The 6 cm silicone string was designed to overcome the difficulties while removing the disc. By using the string it won’t be necessary any more to insert your finger to hook the rim and push it out. You just have to hold the top of the string and push it gently out. The rim of UNIQUE will slip off the pubic bone and then you just have to hold the rim and pull it out. It’s as simple and easy as this. The UNIQUE menstrual disc with the silicone string is an an exclusive and patent pending design. UNIQUE FEATURES: – Comes in three sizes for high, medium or low cervix. – Can be used during sex. – Covers light, medium, heavy or excessively heavy menstrual flows. – May be used for up to 12 consecutive hours. – Do not depend on suction pressure to stay in place. You don’t feel it during use. INSERT AND REMOVAL: To insert : Squeeze the UNIQUE rim in the middle to form an “8” shape (1). Maintain the string in front and insert the disc into the vaginal canal (2) until you feel that it’s positioned under your cervix(3). Then push upwards the front of the rim to fix it behind the pubic bone (3). To remove: Hold the the top of the string and push it out slowly (4). The UNIQUE rim will instantly slip off the pubic bone and lineup with the entrance of the vagina.You just hold it and push it out. CAUTION: – Don’t push the string with excessive strength, it may break. – If you like you can cut a part to shorten it or you can cut it all and use the disc without the string. STERILIZATION: Additional Information