Guest Post: Jude and the Mr Right Nows | Lucy Goes Dating
Lucy has been away on holiday to try to avoid the horror that is her birthday and didn't have time to write a post this week. So here, in her absence, is a guest post from the lovely Jude Peppis-Clay. I know I won't be alone in feeling this if Ariana Grande's recent chart topping success is anything to go by. The stunning songstress talked about how she was thankful for every person she's dated and the contribution they brought to her life – but that it's important to move on when that's all finished with. In today's modern dating world, we deal with a conveyer belt of prospective partners. One after the other, we match on a dating app or they slide into our DMs before meeting for a drink, Netflix and chill or some other date-type activity takes place. For me, more often than not, this leads to a dead end and the reactivation of my Bumble profile. I won't lie – my optimism of finding the right man for me has been significantly dented as this process happens over and over again. Cheryl