Is Finding Love Down To Luck? | Lucy Goes Dating
[AD] My friend Suzanne was single for a decade. She barely went on any dates at all, and absolutely refused to go online. She just quietly carried on with her life, until the summer she went back to visit her parents, met a guy from her home town in a bar, and by Christmas he'd moved to London to live with her. They're now happily married with two gorgeous kids. Another friend was with her boyfriend for seven years. With the relationship floundering, they had a trial separation. She went on one internet date – just ONE! – met someone, and got engaged within 6 months. Now they have three children and a very smart house in a posh bit of West London. When I hear stories like this – and there are many more – I can't help thinking that finding love really is just down to blind luck. These women are no more attractive than me, no more successful, sexy, confident, or caring. Don't get me wrong – they're lovely. But so, I think, am I. And yet I've been looking for love for 20 years, I must