Upcoming double single 'Dominator / Crocodile' by Kalipo & Local Suicide brings out electro physicality, furor and introspective sounds. (Inc. mixes by Theus Mago a.k.a. Bufi and Radial Gaze)
They say Berlin is the place where everyone eventually meets sooner or later, one thing we are sure, is that Berlin will get to you if your talent pointed that way and responded to the call. That is the case here, as we dedicate this post to talk about the announcement of the upcoming double single “Dominator / Crocodile” by Kalipo & Local Suicide. This EP will be released on February 5th, 2020 via Hold Your Ground records, and features remixes by Theus Mago a.k.a. Bufi from Mexico City and Radial Gaze from Saint Petersburg. (Which place they chose to made this magic possible, guess what? Berlin!) To describe the release, here are this words that perfectly fits into what we listen to in this new tracks and remixes: "Track one is “Dominator” by Kalipo & Local Suicide, is an electro anthem filled with physicality and furor, and the exact feeling of determinedness and power. Vamparela’s vocals are similar to that voice inside your gut that you can’t get enough of, while the driven baseline and 80s inspired analog synths will occupy your mind and centre your thoughts. “Crocodile”, the second track of the release, is the other side of the coin - not any less definite, however more haunted and introspective in contrast. It isn’t always easy, but let’s take authority and dance it out before life consumes us!" The mixes are on top, personally we loved the Bufi remix of the track "Dominator", the Mexican producer added to the track that spicy and deep disco sound that is hitting the Mexican and Berlin scene hard nowadays, giving more expectation to the vocals and also to the background sound with minimalistic noises that fits perfectly with the track atmosphere. We gotta admit that we love it, its slow and very deep, just as this "dominator" track. Read below for full details and listen to Kalipo & Local Suicide - Dominator Ep (Snippets) already uploaded to Soundcloud and let's find out what more there is to be expected from this producer trio!