Emotional Ty is presenting his finesse deep and experimental techno in upcoming Wanderlust EP via EMTY.
Sorry for the abandonment, the only good news about that, is that i always come with fresh music, with something different and for the please of the ears of our dear readers. This is the time to start talking about Edgar Ariza aka Emotional Ty, a very interesting Swedish DJ and Producer that i just discovered. He is relative new in the scene, but his talent has been remarked because his music brings a complete mind trip that is outstanding for sure. He has been active since 2015 under the name Ascorbite, releasing music on his record label Corseque Records; and as Emotional Ty, he dives deep into experimental leftfield-ish techno flirting with house and everything in between, exploring different palettes of sound. Now on, Emotional Ty is presenting his new material, delivering finesse deep and experimental techno/house cuts, made during a transitional period in search for something new. The new EP has been entitled "Wanderlust EP" and features 4 new really magnificent tracks. Release date is scheduled up for November 25th, 2019 in Vinyl and Digital formats via EMTY recordings. Read full details below.