Final Countdown for Funding - Little Observationist
There’s about five days left before my Kickstarter campaign to fund my photography exhibition finishes. A huge thank you to the more than 30 people who have backed this project so far. If you haven’t yet and you can spare a few pounds to help a blogger hold out, I can’t tell you how thankful I would be! If you’d like to donate, check out the rewards in the side bar of the Kickstarter page. There’s also an additional reward in the updates – Urban Art: The World as a Canvas by Garry Hunter signed by Garry as well as Ben Wilson and Paul DON Smith, two of the featured artists. I will have 10 copies available and a drawing will take place among anyone who has donated £25 or more. If you can’t donate, but can help me promote the kickstarter campaign or the exhibition itself by writing a blog post or sharing a link, that’s also very much appreciated. I also hope to see you all at the exhibition so please bookmark the dates! Thanks for all of your support. Have a great weekend everyone!