The relentless passage of time | Lisa Russo Fine Art Photography
Here we are. 2017. Folks, it ain’t off to a good start, let me tell you. I know a lot of you have been with me for a loooonnngggg time so it’s good to pass along a personal update here and there even if they aren’t always so pretty. Our beloved Lulu passed away a few weeks ago during her morning nap. I wallowed a LOT on Facebook and Instagram, so I won’t do it again. Just know that our hearts were broken, our house is way too quiet, and we’re on the mend. She will be our last bulldog. They’re not easy dogs to keep, as I wrote about 5 years ago. But having her quietly pass in her sleep right after our morning treats and love? Too much. We’re a dog family, so there will be another, but no bulldog will ever replace our Lulu.