What Will My Child Learn in Preschool?
For ma y pare ts, choosi g a preschool will prove to be o e of the most importa t (a d o e of the most difficult) tasks. After all, it’s tough to k ow which preschool programs will be efit your child most. Ultimately though, preschool e rollme t — regardless of the school — will e sure your child has a umber of adva tages. Si ce the birth-to-age-three period i volves the fastest rate of brai developme t i the e tire huma lifespa , what really matters is that your child atte ds. Of course, you’ll wa t to lear more about what preschool stude ts will lear i a give classroom. While every facility’s curriculum will differ, as will every teacher’s u ique style, there are certai aspects you ca expect to be covered duri g the time your child spe ds i the preschool classroom. Here are just some of what you ca expect preschoolers to lear duri g this pivotal time. Colors a d Shapes Preschoolers will ofte start to recog ize colors a d shapes at home with their families, but these lesso s will be further ceme ted duri g their early educatio . A teacher may emphasize the u [...]