Summertime Safety Tips for Toddlers
Ah, the dog days of summer. The ext few mo ths will be filled with a lot of fu , from summer camp activities to family vacatio s. But that does ’t mea all safety rules go out the wi dow. I fact, it’s more importa t tha ever to e sure your child is properly supervised duri g this seaso . Whether you’ve e trusted child care professio als to look after your toddler duri g summer programs or you’ll be watchi g your little o e yourself, here are some esse tial summertime safety tips to keep i mi d. Prioritize Su Protectio The su light might feel ice o your ski , but do ’t forget about the da ger it ca bri g. Exposure to harmful UV rays ca lead to su bur , which ca i crease your child’s risk of developi g ski ca cer. Use a broad spectrum protectio su scree with a SPF of 15 or higher to protect your child’s ski . Apply thoroughly a d freque tly, particularly after exercise or swimmi g. If you’ve chose to se [...]